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Manchester Translation Services

001 Translations UK- Manchester is proud to offer you a wide variety of services in translation, interpretation, audio and video transcription, subtitling, film dubbing, and certified translation of official documents.

Our one-of-a-kind online quote system allows you to easily get an estimate on your translation IN ONLY 5 SECONDS. You can place your order online without coming to our office in Manchester. Your translations will be delivered to you either electronically or by mail according to your preference, in 1, 2, or 3 days (or even in a matter of hours in emergencies).


Our professional translators are native speakers

When you choose 001 Translations UK - Manchester, you're choosing excellent professional translations in any language used in international communication among businesses and individuals in Manchester and across the United Kingdom.

The translator-linguist assigned to your translation will always translate into his or her first language, guaranteeing that the grammar, spelling, and syntax of the final product will be perfect;

The entire translation/interpretation team at 001 Translations UK in Manchester will be glad to assist you quickly and efficiently by providing specialised translations for your business in a variety of areas, or simply by translating your website to open you up to international clientele.


High-quality translation

With 30 years experience working for international companies, 001 Translations UK is one of the only translation agencies in the world that offers customers instant quotes in only 5 seconds, free with no obligations.


Key figures

Since it was founded in 1990, the professional team of translators at 001 Translations UK has delivered countless translations for businesses and individuals all over the world. Below you'll find a few statistics and interesting facts about our company's accomplishments in international translation.

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Contracts Calls for offers Technical reports Quarterly or periodical activity reports Accounting and financial documents Valuations and analysis of financial management
Banking specifications for investment products Informational prospectuses and marketing pamphlets Trade press articles Annual reports Securities and equities research Insurance policies and claims
Meeting minutes Distribution and underwriting agreements Financial statements and summaries Forward contracts Brokerage documents Professional investment documents
Instruction manuals Monthly client newsletters IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) Investment proposals Investor updates Claims and lawsuits
Financial forms Multilingual financial glossaries Employee shareholding plans Stock market and international market documents Custodial agreements Other internal/confidential documents
Corporate websites Mergers and acquisitions Consolidation Public relations Financial accounting (US GAAP, IAS, HGB) Financial management
Commercial communications of all kinds Email correspondences Corporate brochures
Websites Product descriptions Advertising material
Announcements, slogans Press releases Commercial reports and market research
Sales materials and presentations Specialised articles Newsletters
Conferences Speeches Communications
Other internal/confidential documents Sales websites Client testimonials
Travel brochures Websites Travel guides Product descriptions
Hotel amenities descriptions Fine-dining menus Food and wine tasting Athletic and leisure activities
Bed & breakfast websites Camping and agritourism websites Audiovisual material Tour group brochures
Theme park websites Official regional documentation Other internal/confidential documents Sales websites
Advertising Invitations to tender Market reports Calls for offers Ads, expositions, and trade fairs
Press releases Client testimonials Annual reports Media reports and research Management documents
Media releases Conferences Speeches Business letters Keynote addresses and statements
Television, Film & Media Video dubbing Other internal/confidential documents Pubic Relations and press conferences Conferences
Marketing websites Sales materials and presentations Interactive CD-ROMs Multimedia material Strategic documents
Business processes Codes of ethics White papers Case studies
Birth certificates Marriage certificates Divorce orders Expert reports Summons and subpoenas
Financial documents Judicial proceedings Foreign business regulations Patents Lawsuits
Passports and identity cards Judgments Real estate contracts Insurance contracts Legal decisions
Certifications Transcripts Business law contracts Brokerage documents Employment contracts
Press releases Conferences Speeches Business communication Other internal/confidential documents Lawyers' websites
Immigration applications Requests Renewals
Residency authorizations Evaluation of credentials Employment contracts
Resumes Professional evaluations Expert reports
Testimonials Legal proceedings Injunctions
Passports Court orders Judicial decisions
Certifications Transcript Contracts
Residence permits Other internal/confidential documents Immigration-related websites
Technical files User manuals Technical research reports Diagnostics
Warranties Catalogues User training manuals Prospectuses and marketing brochures
Instruction manuals Trade press articles Business websites Technical specifications
Equipment and factory instructions Training guides Guide and manuals Product packaging
User guides Technical and industrial manuals Patents Publications
Prospectuses Guide and manuals Multilingual technical glossaries Other internal/confidential documents
Biotechnology Environmental engineering Chemistry Patents
Pharmaceutical products Nanotechnology Investment documents Sustainable development
Monthly newsletters Mechanical engineering Instruction manuals Multilingual glossaries
All science-relate websites Other internal/confidential documents
User information Medical software Licenses and patents Expert reports Diagnostics
Patient documentation Psychological documents Prescriptions User guides for medical personnel Clinical studies
User guides for medical equipment User instructions Instruction manuals, brochures, and software for medical devices Clinical, toxicological, pharmacological, and biological reports Health questionnaires and medical glossaries
Reports, medical records, radiology reports and scans Medical documents Health graphics Discharge documents Publications
Prospectuses Insurance lawsuits or other medical claims Physical exams Test and analysis results Multimedia medical applications
Brochures and software International websites Other internal/confidential documents
Books Manuscripts Essays Short stories Scholarly articles
Theses Journal articles Children's books Cultural research Manuals
Magazines Comic books Bibliographies Press releases Conferences
Speeches Exhibitions and museum materials Other internal/confidential documents Any website related to literature, the arts, or the humanities Other documents
PGI (SAP, ORACLE, PEOPLESOFT)software Site design Online help Manuals and user guides Training manuals
Technical processes Brochures Internet (websites, newsletters, and ad banners) Networks Mobile telephony
Communication and security software (directions, user manuals, brochures, interfaces) System administration (AS400, Linux, Unix, MySQL, Oracle) Any technical process related to information technology needed to comply with regional standards Source files, help, and read-me documents Telecommunications (mobile telephony, protocols, and landlines)
Graphics, images, and icons Audio Warranties Licenses and legal notices Operating systems
CRM Applications Databases Video games Financial management (accounting, controlling, human resources) Inventory management (logistics, multi-site distribution, relocation, subcontracting, and outsourcing)
Order management (supplier relations, order processing) Production management (glossaries, manufacturing, order processing) Sales management (customer relations, orders, marketing) Supply chain management (partner relations, distribution) E-business (CRM, B2B, B2C, B2E, e-procurement)
Business intelligence (statistics, multi-site reporting, decision-making) Rollout plans Applications Press releases Other internal/confidential documents
Any It-related website